Skincare Warrior saving$ alert

I admit it, I am frugal and love a good deal.  Trust me when I say that buying good quality skincare products does not mean you have to spend a lot of money.  When someone tells me they can’t afford to spend money on good skincare items, I always respond by saying, “you don’t have to spend a lot.” So here’s one of my tips: If you are not already a CVS customer, I suggest you sign-up online.  They send out 30% and sometimes 40% coupons frequently.  CVS carries some of my favorite skincare lines.  Starting today if you are a registered CVS cardholder you will get a 40% discount on 1 item.  This is when I make my purchase for a product I am running low on or I am out of.  Two of my favorites lines I have blogged about are at CVS: Derma e and LaRoche Posay.  Whether you need an exfoliator, a winter moisturizer or serum or a retinol cream, now is the time to use that 40% off.  Don’t wait as it expires on November 19th.


laroche3   laroche2

Please leave me a comment and let me know if you enjoyed saving money on your new product as much as I did (that’s if I don’t see you at the store)!

~Skincare Warrior


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