Turning on the heat = turning up your moisturizer

Once Fall is officially here and my heat gets turned on, I know it’s time to change my skincare routine. The cooler air and low humidity causes drier air which takes all the moisture away leaving us with dry skin. Without proper care, our skin starts to flake, crack and even bleed and the winter wind makes it even worse.

A heavier moisturizer in the Fall is a necessity. It provides a nice barrier to the cold air. There are creams for every skin type – so choose wisely. If your skin is extremely dry, I suggest finding a lotion that contains an oil such as jojobo or sunflower to add an extra layer of moisture. A cream containing evening primrose oil is very soothing for sensitive skin types. I find oil based moisturizers help retain the moisture moreso than water based ones. I get that some people don’t want to add another item to their routine or change their products, so if nothing else I suggest adding an extra pump of your serum to your moisturizer both a.m. and p.m.

Here are a few more cold weather suggestions for your skin: wash with lukewarm water (the hot water strips our skin of its natural oils), make sure to moisturize when your skin is wet and drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated.  Why not drink your water warm or even hot with a squeeze of lemon or orange?

Not only do I change my moisturizer in the winter but I also change my cleanser. I find my acid based cleansers in the winter time can exacerbate the dryness so I will use it intermittently with a moisturizing cleanser. This is the time of year you want to add a hydrating toner (see my earlier post about toners) followed with a more hydrating moisturizer. Two of my favorite products are Derma-e Hydrating cream and Andalou Natural night repair cream.


Just making a few adjustments to your winter skin regimen can keep your skin looking hydrated and dewy.

~Skincare Warrior

Warrior tip: The sun is just as strong and those UVA and UVB rays are just as prevalent in winter as they are in summer so remember to use a daily broad spectrum sunblock.

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