Show your skin some love and moisturize!


Moisturizing is an essential step to any skincare routine.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard my facialist say, “oh I see you’re dehydrated” just from looking at my skin.  Just like our bodies need water to stay hydrated, so does our skin.  A major component of our skin and body is water. I like my moisturizer to do double duty so it’s not only moisturizing but giving me added benefits.  Moisturizers can be a great source of multi-benefits.  I am a big believer in moisturizing both morning and night no matter what your skin type.  I’ve used over-the-counter moisturizers that I’ve liked just as much as high-end moisturizers.  So long as it has the right ingredients and it’s doing what it claims, I will use it. 

For quite some time now I’ve been using Environ’s AVST moisturizer (see my post on the ENVIRON product line).  If you are new to using a moisturizer containing retinol, I suggest starting out with Level I or II and working your way up ENVIRON’s STEPSYSTEM allowing your skin to build a tolerance to the increased levels of retinol. 


Also keep in mind when choosing a moisturizer, what other products you are currently using.  For example, if you are using a moisturizer that contains a form of retinol, then using Retin-A in the evening may be overdrying your skin. 

A few other product lines that I have used often and really like is LaRoche-Posay (available at CVS). I really like their Anthelios SX Daily Moisturizing Cream with sunscreen and Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar Original moisturizer for all skin types.  It’s filled with anti-oxidants and lactic acid and really exfoliates  the skin keeping it moisturized. 


~Skincare Warrior

Warrior tip: Thinking of skipping your sunscreen today because it’s cloudy or rainy? Even though the sun isn’t shining those harmful rays are still penetrating the clouds. Wear a broad spectrum sunscreen daily and your skin’s appearance will never catch up to your age.

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