Why clay can brighten your day.

Clay has been around since first used by Ancient Egyptians and is said to be one of the original skincare treatments. It’s been known that Egyptians made clay from ash, minerals and earthly compounds.  They must have known what they were doing because fast forward to today and clay facials are a mainstream in skincare treatments.

My first experience with clay masks was less than appealing. Oftentimes, they smelled of sulfur (think rotten eggs) and I found my skin left very dry.  However, today’s clay masks are made with a variety of ingredients and provide multiple benefits.  Clay masks can remove toxins, brighten skin, tighten pores, reduce acne AND leave skin hydrated.  Almost every type of skin can benefit from incorporating a clay mask once or twice a week into a skincare routine.  If acne is a concern, clay made of bentonite would be beneficial.  I prefer a mask that helps to brighten and promote cell regeneration and, therefore, prefer a kaolin based mask.

Choosing a clay mask that’s right for you is based on your skin’s needs and what result you are looking for.  When choosing a mask, think like the Egyptians and find one that uses naturally derived  ingredients.  Two product lines I like are Eminence and Origins as both carry a range of masks for all skin types.

Feel free to leave me a comment and let me know your favorite clay mask.

~Skincare Warrior


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