Your face needs exercise too!

Chances are if you stop to think about your face at this very moment, you are either pursing your lips, clenching your jaw, or wrinkling your forehead.  It’s amazing what stress and years of repetitive habits can do to our face.  As we awake each day to the uncertainty of this unprecedented pandemic, I think it’s so important to take time to destress and focus on staying balanced.  It’s amazing how turning on the news, checking our social media and even texting with family, friends and coworkers can elevate our stress.  So, how do we destress?

Exercise is probably the number one way to destress the body.  However, when was the last time you exercised your face?  I’ve been exercising my face for a few months now and still find myself pursing, squinting and frowning, but I have become much more aware of it.  Aside from the visual benefits you will start to see from facial exercises, it really relaxes you and keeps you aware of facial habits.

Some of my favorite facial exercises are below.  I hold each one for six seconds and repeat them 5 times. I try do this a few times throughout the day. They are all going to make you look silly, trust me I’ve had my share of looks at red lights:
-pretend  you are saying a great big WOW and hold it
-protrude your chin as if making underbite and smile
-try lifting your eyes to the sky w/out raising your eyebrows

Just as we trained our muscles to hold facial stress, we can train them to destress while simultaneously improving our appearance.  There are lots of facial exercises you can find on the Internet and YOUTUBE.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay stress free.

~Skincare Warrior

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