Kick your moisturizer into high gear!

As Fall approaches and the cooler temps kick in, I start to swap out my lighter clothing for thicker, warmer clothing.  Just as I turn to heavier clothing, I also turn to heavier moisturizer.  The cooler temps bring drier air and can wreak havoc on our skin as it craves more moisture.  I make sure to do the following to help alleviate itchy, dry skin: use a heavier, cream-based moisturizer;  moisturize while my skin is still damp; and, continue to layer skincare products from thinnest to thickest.  I also add a few deep moisturizing masques to my weekly routine.  Lastly, I continue to exfoliate.  You can add the best moisturizer in the world to your skincare routine but, if you don’t exfoliate and get rid of the dead skin that we are meant to shed, you are wasting your product and your money.

~Skincare Warrior

Warrior tip:  Apply a few drops of argan or coconut oil to your moisturizer and apply it after a warm (never too hot) shower/bath.


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