HydraFacials….here’s what you need to know

Hydrafacials are becoming increasingly more popular. It seems that more and more spas are offering the ‘HydraFacial.’ Recently, my esthetician offered me a hydraderm facial. I was not familiar with this type of facial and was interested to find out more. I learned that similar to microdermabrasion, the hydraderm facial removes dead skin by exfoliation, however, the HydraFacial simultaneously deeply infuses the skin with toner, serum and oxygen giving the skin an instant, youthful glow. A series of HydraFacials can greatly improve aging skin by smoothing wrinkles and scars, diminishing age spots, shrinking pores and evening out complexion.

I always love the way my skin looks a few days after my facial and microdermabrasion, but with the HydraFacial I found I had an instant glow and my skin was significantly hydrated. After only one HydraFacial, I can see why this has become the latest craze and Hollywood’s current ‘go to facial.’  The results speak for themselves.

If you are looking to instantly hydrate your skin after a long winter of dry air and indoor heat, I highly recommend trying the HydraFacial. I found two medspas in my area both offering the HydraFacial for $99. I promise that with this investment you will see an immediate return on your money.

~Skincare warrior

Warrior tip: Be extra conscious and diligent to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen after any type of microdermabrasion.

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