Jade rollers: do they really work?

Lately, ‘ve been obsessed with Asian skincare videos.  It’s hard not to envy their porcelain, taut and even-toned skin. I do think their high fiber, vegetable based diets together with a large consumption of green tea has a direct affect on their glowing skin. However, the Asian culture has been practicing holistic skincare for centuries. One tool they tout as having anti-aging benefits is the jade roller.  There must be a reason why this skincare tool has been around since the 17th century. The Chinese began using the jade roller for its healing properties.  However, over time it became a popular skincare tool used to help drain lymphatic fluid, depuff the eyes, and improve the skin’s elasticity. It’s been 2 weeks since I started rolling and I have to say I really like it.  Here’s why:


Just like that refreshed feeling of splashing your face with cold water in the morning,  the cold stone feels so good sliding across my face.  I can honestly say that it instantly helps with my sleep wrinkles and relaxes my facial muscles (I tend to hold mouth tension while I sleep). I struggle with under eye bags and the roller helps to flatten the overnight fluid accumulation.  I’ve even done a test and I would love for you to try it too (if you decide to buy a jade roller). Look at your face in the a.m. and notice any puffiness, sleep wrinkles or swelling. Next, roll just one side of your face from the center of your face to your hairline i.e., start at the center of your chin and roll to your hairline, repeat this a few times; then roll from the center of your lips to your hairline, repeat this a few times; continue rolling from the center of your face to your hairline until you have finished one side.  For the eyes, you want to use the smaller roller and go from the inner eye to the outer eye pushing the fluid toward the temple.  After you are done, go back to the mirror and compare it to the unrolled side. Now doesn’t the side you rolled look fresh, a little tighter and less puffy? NOW, DON’T FORGET TO DO THE OTHER SIDE.

Most jade rollers I’ve looked at are about $10 (I got mine at Marshalls). I’m not sure that all jade rollers are made with actual jade stone but I think using a cold stone to flatten and roll fluid accumulation after a night’s sleep makes a difference.  So why not try it especially since it’s super affordable and takes less than a minute of your day.

I would love to hear your comments.  Happy rolling!

~Skincare warrior

Warrior tip:  I keep my jade roller in the fridge so that it’s super cold!

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