“Clean” is the new buzz word

Have you noticed all the advertising lately using the word ‘clean’…clean living, clean eating, clean make-up? I’m seeing more and more advertising for products claiming to  be “clean” or having a new line of “clean.”

Clean products a/k/a whole products are derived from ingredients that claim to be either naturally derived, plant-based or ethically sourced and free from harmful chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, phenols plus many more. The natural skincare product lines are booming! Honestly, the thought of what chemicals are in my skin and haircare products are frightening.  For years I used hair products that were sulfate free but weren’t necessarily free from other harmful ingredients. I think that due to advocates like the “EWG” (Environmental Working Group) exposing companies using harmful and even cancer causing ingredients, more companies are introducing product lines that are chemical free and using plants, oils, minerals and other natural and non-harmful ingredients.

A few months ago a co-worker introduced me to Beautycounter – – a make-up and skincare line that promises to only use high sourced ingredients and has a NO LIST containing 1,500 ingredients they strive to never use.  I’ve been using their Countermatch Intense Moisture serum now for a few months. I love the way my skin soaks up this serum and it felt good knowing that my skin was getting wholesome ingredients that I could actually pronounce.  I also bought a face wash that I gave to my daughter (a tween).  It feels good knowing she’s not washing her face with chemicals plus she’s learning to be conscious about healthy and whole skincare. It’s scary to think about the chemicals we all absorb each and every day by using engineered products. I’ve now slowly substituted my skincare, make-up and hair products to “clean” products.

I hope this gives you some food for thought about what’s in the products you and your family use.  Here are a few clean sourced product lines you might want to consider: MyChelle Dermaceuticals (available at Kohl’s), Burt Bees, Neutrogena and SIMPLE.

~Skincare warrior

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