Witch hazel: My favorite toner

To tone or not to tone? I’ve heard this asked many times. My rule of thumb is why not tone? By toning your skin you are essentially ridding your skin of any traces of make-up or dirt left behind after cleansing. Plus using a mild toner provides pH balance to your skin. Our skin’s perfect pH balance is 5.5 but cleansing can throw the skin’s pH balance off. Hence the need to use a toner to put it back in balance. I prefer using witch hazel for my toner. I find it to be very gentle and is one of the most affordable toners you can use. Witch hazel is great for decreasing oil and, therefore, helpful for acne flare-ups. Some which hazels incorporate salicylic acids which are great to fight oily skin. Witch hazel helps to tighten the skin and decrease pore size. It can even help puffiness under the eyes.

Personally, I think that for such a small investment it’s so worth adding this step to your skincare routine. Be careful to read the ingredients. Some witch hazel has alcohol which can dry and strip the skin. Find a toner that works for your skin’s needs. If you have dry skin, try a moisturizing toner containing rosewater. For oily skin, you can use a lime toner to help tighten your pores.

Derma-e carries some very affordable and noteworthy toners that range from moisturizing to anti-aging to calming. They are almost 100% natural and less than $15. Here are two of my favs:  Derma-e Radiance toner and Derma-e anti-wrinkle toner.

Click here for Derma-e Anti-Wrinkle toner at Amazon.

antiwrinkletoner dermaetoner

In the morning I often just splash my face with the coldest water I can stand. Then I run a cotton ball soaked with witch hazel over my skin before applying my daytime moisturizer. Think your cleanser is doing the whole job? Try running a cotton ball over your face after washing it and you will see what’s left behind.

~Skincare Warrior

Warrior tip: Suffering from hyperpigmentation spots after some fun in the sun? Spot treat them with a cotton ball dabbed in apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to start fading those pesky spots. Be diligent and you will see it start to fade.

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