Acne: The good, the bad, the ugly.

I’ve had my struggles with acne. Specifically with cystic acne – those hard, large, under- the-skin painful bumps that seem to last forever. Honestly, this is one of the reasons I started this blog…because of my struggles with acne and the gratitude I have for having found Retin-A to battle acne.  As I mentioned in my Retin-A post, I started using Retin-A to help with acne and I attribute the use of Retin-A to helping me maintain youthful looking skin.


Ever notice how when you get a pimple in one area you often get another in that same spot at a later date or you get a few pimples in the same area at the same time? THAT’S LIKELY DUE TO BACTERIA! Pimples carry bacteria that can spread and cause more acne.  There’s a reason why dermatologists will often prescribe topical antibiotics  – – to treat the bacteria. Here are some of my favorite tips for controlling acne:

-use a towel just for your face and don’t share it with anyone
-change out your pillow case and face towel every other night
-see a dermatologist or medspa for a Retin-A prescription then read my post on using Retin-A
-run a cottonball dampened in apple cider vinegar to kill the bacteria
-make a honey mask (honey is a natural bacteria fighter)
-glycolic acid pads are amazing at spot treating painful, brewing pimples
-spot treat w/one of my FAVORITE prescription zit creams…ACZONE ( or my favorite OTC product Neutrogena’s Rapid Clear Stubborn acne spot gel. If there’s one product I’d share with every single parent of a tween, it’s ACZONE.  It truly shrinks your zit overnight.
-treat the red/purple remaining mark with a dab of essential lavender oil every night to fade the discoloration
-apply a clay mask to dry up those oil filled pores and pull out the infected bacteria
-and lastly, MOISTURIZE. I got this one wrong for years. If you are trying to dry out your skin to heal those pimples, then you need to balance it with moisturizer. If you over dry your skin with products, your oil glands will go into overload to produce more oil and you start a vicious cycle.

~Skincare Warrior

Warrior tip: At work or an overnight and suddenly a pimple is brewing? Spot treat it with toothpaste.  The paste will start to dry it out and the whitening will diminish redness.

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