UnMASK your healthier skin.

Ever feel like your skin isn’t looking it’s best? Maybe it needs a pick me up? No matter how religious I am with my daily skincare routine sometimes my skin needs a “boost.” That’s what I think masks are…a skin booster. Almost every Oscar nominee or red carpet walker prepares for their big moment by doing a mask!

A face mask twice to three times a week can really increase your skin’s health. Masks contain powerful antioxidants, vitamins and concentrated ingredients that can boost hydration and firm the skin. There are treatment masks that can help just about any skin condition.

If I am having a breakout, I will use a pore cleansing or clay mask. One of my favorites is  Kiehl’s deep pore cleansing masque.  It’s amazing at cleaning the pores and getting down deep.  It’s a thick clay formula that is tremendous at pulling out the gunk in your pores. I also have tried samples of  Glamglow mud mask and wow did it make my skin clean up!


If I’m looking for a nice glow for a night out or a special occasion, I love Perricone’s cold plasma masque or Glamglow’s glowstarter. The Perricone mask has tiny little beads that break up on your face and trigger a burst of cold plasma (watch those beads of chlorophyll and algae turn bright green). I’ve actually taken pictures before and after using this mask and the luminosity afterwards speaks for itself. Glamglow is one of Sephora’s most popular sellers. I tried a sample and was immediately hooked and started recommending it to family and friends.

Some masks are very thick and almost cement in consistency. You can start with slightly damp skin prior to application and follow the instructions for length of time. Most suggest 10-15 minutes followed by a lukewarm rinse. A thin layer is all that’s needed so a mask product can last many months to almost a year.

Treatment masks can be used as part of a daily routine or to treat a specific condition. Whether daily or a couple of times a week a mask or treatment added to your regular routine can deliver incredible results.

~Skincare warrior

Warrior tip: Can’t dole out money on another skincare product, try making your own mask. My 10-year old loves giving spa treatments (surprised?) and mixing coconut oil with honey. It’s extremely moisturizing and helps to fight bacteria. I’ve found just about anything that’s good for you internally, makes a great mask. So mash up an avocado, rub on a lemon or apple cider vinegar, crack open an egg…all make great masks and skincare treatments.

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