Serum. Is it necessary? YES

I believe serums are a necessary step to any skincare regimen.

facial serum[2011]

Serums are potent.  They are generally more concentrated when it comes to their active ingredients.  Most products tend to decline in shelf life once the air hits them, so I always look for a serum in a bottle that has an airtight lid.  The nice thing about serums is there is one for just about every type of skincare concern.  For dry skin there are hyaluronic acid serums, for dark spots there are Vitamin C serums to help with hyperpigmentation, and for wrinkles there are Vitamin A serums to help with skincell turnover.


The general rule of thumb is to layer thinner products before heavier products.  I like to use my serum at night and always before I moisturize. I love Environ’s ionzyme focus hydrating serum. Honestly, a serum is probably the most costly item in a skincare regimen but you should only need to buy it 2 or maybe 3 times a year. Serum is so thin that even a little bit can cover your face (and neck).  I find it boosts my serum tremendously if I use my microneedle roller with it as it really helps to deeply penetrate the product.

LaRoche Posay has a serum I like and suggest when someone I know is just starting out with using glycolic acids & Retin-A. Their Effaclar serum has a potent blend that really helps with minimizing pores and exfoliating the skin.  The LaRoche Posay line is available at most CVS stores and you can even use your CVS 30% coupons on the product line. Who says maintaining a good skincare regimen has to be costly?

I assure you that if you add a serum that addresses your skincare concerns you will be amazed at the difference you see!  If you are looking for a basic serum for hydration, make sure it lists some potent antioxidants and peptides – you can never have too many.

~Skincare Warrior

Warrior tip: Make a potent cocktail (not the drinking kind) and blend a little serum into your daily moisturizer.






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