Microneedling: It’s worth the tears caused by the ‘tears.’

One of my favorite anti-aging warrior tools is my microneedle.  A microneedle also known as a dermaroller or dermapen is a tool that causes microscopic tears in the skin.


What this does is sends blood, energy and oxygen to the tear to heal it. Basically, that’s what microneedling is (also known as collagen induction therapy).  Once your skin has been treated with a microneedle, it is better able to absorb products and allow ingredients to get deep down into the layers of  the skin.  It actually plumps your skin visibly even after one use as it causes stimulation of collagen.  I’ve been microneedling for over two years now.  I’m not going to sugarcoat it, microneedling sometimes brings tears to my eyes.  But like anything else, you get accustomed to it the more you use it. I have found it to be EXTREMELY beneficial at keeping the parentheses (a/k/a smile lines), crows feet and deep folds to a minimum.  Microneedling only takes a few minutes and just requires some attention and maintenance to your tool.   Below is a video I’d like to share with you about the use and maintenance of a microneedle roller.


Add this to your anti-aging skincare regimen and I promise you will be glad you did!

~Skincare warrior

Warrior tip: See fine lines on your neck? Start dermarolling your neck and follow it with your favorite anti-aging serum or moisturizer and see those horizontal lines start to plump and fade.

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