Environ AVST

I want to devote this post to one of my favorite skincare lines – Environ AVST (Advanced Vitamin Skin Therapy).  I ABSOLUTELY love this line.  As I stated prior, I use products that give me the biggest big bang for my buck — products that live up to their claims. With EnvironAVST, I found just that.  I am so impressed with the technology, innovation and results of this line that once I found it I was ‘all in.’


I honestly believe that Retin-A (a form of Vitamin A) is the secret to youthful skin.  Environ’s line is based on this belief.  Again, long before I knew about Environ, I was using a prescription Retin-A for cystic acne.  After years of using it, I found my skin maintained its youthfulness.  I found my skin was not catching up to my actual age.  Looking back I am grateful for the years I used Retin-A for acne and the life lesson I learned about Retin-A.  This form of Vitamin A used topically can visibly change the skin.  I know it because I’ve lived it.  Finding a product line that used a STEPsystem that incorporated increasing levels of Vitamin A was a gold mine for me.


There are many products on the market today that have Retin-A incorporated into them.  And I know many women who told me they tried Retin-A but it dried them out and it didn’t work for them.  I knew exactly what they were talking about.  Retin-A is a powerful, skin product that needs to be used in increments.  This is what I love about the Environ’s STEPsystem–namely, that it allows your skin the time it needs to build a tolerance to a very strong vitamin that is doing its job.

I promise that if you make the investment in this skincare line that you will see changes in your skin that will amaze you.  My suggestion to you is to start by finding a local spa that carries this line and an esthetician that will take the time to know your skin. If you’ve never dabbled in the Retin-A arena, start with this STEPSYSTEM.

I’d love to hear about your results and experience with EnvironAVST.  I am not a paid consultant.  Just a woman in love with this product line.

Skincare Warrior~

Warrior tip: Use a Retin-A cream on those fine lines around your eyes and on those vertical lip lines but remember with Retin-A less is more and you MUST wear sunblock.

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