Jennifer Garner does it, JLo does it, Jennifer Aniston does it and I suggest you do too – wear a daily sunscreen no matter the weather.


I’ve heard it so many times from my friends and co-workers, “I don’t need sunscreen today I’m not out in the sun.” My response is always, “well you were when you walked to/from your car, when you drove to work, when you went into the grocery store or when you were waiting for your child at the bus stop.”  It took me years to understand that sun damage is cumulative.  You are getting tiny bits of UVA/UVB rays every single time you are outside and it’s all those little incidences that can add up to BIG damage.  I see more and more ads where stars and sunscreen product representatives are toting ‘I wear sunscreen even on cloudy days’ because they know the damage the sun causes every minute you’re in it.    And I’ve heard it so many times ‘but my make-up has sunscreen in it.’  Ok, I thought this for the longest time also but 1) make-up rarely goes on evenly and 2) most of the sunscreen in foundation or a BB/CC cream doesn’t have the needed amount of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to provide ‘broad spectrum’ coverage so it won’t block out all of the harmful rays. 


 If there’s one tip I share repeatedly to any and every one (my husband included) it’s this, “WEAR A BROAD SPECTRUM SUNSCREEN EVERY DAY EVEN IF IT’S CLOUDY AND RAINING AND NO MATTER THE SEASON.”  Here’s a link to one of my favorite sunscreen products that I was introduced to by an esthetician years ago…NIA24.  It’s available at medspas and AMAZON (though I’m leary of skincare products sold on AMAZON for expiration dates).  The reason it’s one of my favorite products is its anti-aging and skin damage reversing properties that work while it’s protecting harmful rays.  It’s done wonders for my skin and those I’ve recommended it too.  I always make my sunscreen the last product I put on before my make-up.   If you don’t want to spend a lot on your daily sun protection, I recommend either Cereva or Anthelios.  Both are affordable, effective and available at CVS (and yes you can use your CVS coupon/rewards on it).  Can’t wait to hear your results!



~Skincare warrior

Warrior tip: Keep a hand cream containing SPF 30 in your car and keep the backs of your hands looking young.  You don’t realize how much sun exposure your hands get while driving.


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